Our company offers professional legal consultancy, law and legal translations, financial and insurance translations and consultations within the area of public procurement law. Welcome!

As regards legal services we specialise in comprehensive legal services associated with construction investment process from the perspective of the investor and the contractor - from the preparatory stage of the investment, through selection of contractors and subcontractors, negotiation of construction works agreements, supervising the investment process and activities of all parties to it and final acceptance of the conducted works and their settlement.


We put a strong emphasis on real property law, real property transactions and legal services offered to foreign investors setting up their business activity on the Polish market.


The sphere of our interests also comprises corporate services offered to commercial companies within the scope of their current operations and also transformations in their equity structure (acquisitions, mergers, liquidations).


Moreover, we cooperate with companies of commercial profile by conducting ongoing monitoring and supervision over the commercial debt collection procedure.

The core of our legal translations team is composed of lawyers-linguists. Gradually, they were joined by philologists who are passionate about legal translations and decided to concentrate their professional pursuits around this field of translation.



We conduct translations of highly specialised law and legal, financial and insurance texts. Owing to efficient team work and time and place unity principle of conducting translations by all persons assigned to the given project, we can offer our clients the possibility of having large volume documents translated in relatively short time.

Public procurement is a real passion of the legal team in our company, with the company founder leading the way.


In this field, we offer the awarding entities and the economic operators not only comprehensive service within the scope of their entire activity in public procurement, but also support for the purposes of particular actions.


Our offer for the Awarding Entities consists in taking the burden of responsibility off their shoulders with regard to preparation and conduct of contract award procedures by acting in the capacity of the Awarding Entity's plenipotentiary referred to in Article 15 (2) of the Act on public procurement. Additionally, we represent the Awarding Entities in disputes with Economic Operators during protest, appeal (before the National Appeal Chamber) and complaint proceedings (before the competent regional court).


Our offer for the Economic Operators consists in ongoing substantial support in public contract award procedures, which are full of formal traps. We also protect economic operator companies against any abuse on the part of the awarding entities and try to ensure that the provisions of the evaluated tender documentation and contract forms are not violating the law.



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